Fast and furious

With a scheduled trip only a few days away and the finish trades people very busy and pushing us from behind we are feeling the pressure to get our work done. And that we are very busy at doing. Our lofty goal is to finish all of the sculpted corncrete work in the pub by Friday. It's a tall order with some pretty big and complicated pieces on the menu. Today we did ttwo good sized beams and also stapled up a whole lot of diamond lath for tomorrow' work. The knarly vine also got a little more sculpting epoxy applied and formed as well.

Work is now being done in the middle of the pub that is still open for business and it is hard to not make a whole lot of noise and dust on occasion - something the patrons and staff don't always appreciate. The good news is that it won't be long now until the noisy and dusty work is done - at long last!

I managed to grab a good picture of the restaurant today...   The carpet is now installed and light fixtures, TVs and sound systems are being worked on. It is looking pretty snazzy! I hear the furniture is now only a few days away, meaning food will be served here pretty quick!

I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan