Sometimes projects go from zero to sixty - back to zero and then back up to full speed. And it all happens really fast. These are fun kinds of challenges!

Last week I began sculpting a horse sign for the Fox & Hounds Pub. His name is Big Ben. I designed a barrel head aand ribbon for the name and fabricated these parts. Then I began the sculpt of the horse's head on those pieces. It was looking pretty cool, but it soon became obvious the barrel top was too small. No problem - I would simply add an oval background around the barrel with some more words on it.

I discussed it with the owners of the pub and they agreed the barrel head was too small but didn't care for my suggested fix. They asked that I make the ribbon and barrel head bigger. I agreed but decided to have a little fun. I grabbed he horse sign and smashed it on the floor thre times, breaking the background and barrel in the process. (The horse's head was purposely kept intact) You should have seen my clients's faces. We had a good laugh and I took the horse's head home to start fresh.

Phoebe also added her two cents and also showed me a horse from her collection as reference material...

It didn't take too long to build a new ribbon and barrel top. I glued the horse's head to the new, larger background and started in on the sculpt once more. Big Ben got the larger, poutier bottom lip, a small cleft in his nose, a slightly protruding chin and a bridle as per our discussion. Now he's ready for paint and then his debut at the Fox and Hounds Pub - one more piece of the story we are telling in great detail.

-grampa dan