Personal touches

My projects are personal. Each one is special to me - probably even more special to me than many of my clients. It happens when a person's business is also their passion.

The Fox and Hounds Pub project means a lot to the owners as well. They aren't your typical business types. While the money side of their business gets it's fair amount of attention Im sure, these folks also have their heart there as well. Each detail is important. Nothing goes unnoticed. But these people care deeply about family and each other. They strive to strike a balance between it all- no mean feat. They are folks who I relate to.

As we sculpted the grape vine we decided to include some personal stuff there, as I often do in our projects. On one side, tucked away next the bar, carved into the twisted trunk is 'J+D' inside a heart. It has double meaning. Jeff and Debbie, the pub owners have been together a long, long time and it is obvious they love each otehr deeply. But it could also very well refer to 'Janis & Dan'. We just celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary a few months back. I often sneak this type of thing into my projects.

On the other side of the brick arch we decided to have Jeff & Debbie's two boys carve their initials into the vine that circles that side. They arrived today, eager to leave their mark. It will most likely last as long as the pub, and they will hopefully look back fondly years from now as they work there in the future.

Billy was first and got to sign on top because he is a little taller.

Then it was Ken's turn. He thought it was cool to be encouraged to do such a thing.

It made me smile for I get to do this crazy stuff every single day. It sure beats working!

-grampa dan