The more twists the better!

I have no problem designing cool looking projects but the thing about all that detail I love to design is that it takes time - often lots of it. With each job we do our best to up the ante. It wouldn't do to simply do what we did yesterday. 

For the archway between the entry and the pub we decided a knarly and twisted grape vine would be just the ticket. It would look cool and also do double duty as it held up a monitor needed by the serving staff. Bending and welding up the armature was fun. But all those twists and bends would prove to be a challenge as we proceeded. The first challenge was for the electician to thread the welded steel structure with a flexible conduit big enough to fit a monitor cable through it - no easy task. He has almost forgiven me. Then we had to apply the mesh over which the sculpting epoxy would be applied. It proved to be one of the toughest projects we have done. But it did look cool. And that without the sculpted bark we would next apply. 

It's only going to get cooler from here on in. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan