A matter of form

As the better weather of summer approaches we are beginning work on the outside of the house once more. Our goal is to have everything done by the beginning of August. It's a tall order - as usual.

Today Peter and I built the forms for the front sidewalks and patio area. The sidewalks will curve gently around the planters. They stop short of the front gate to allow the train tracks to cross on their way around the yard.

Tuesday, our concrete man will place the concrete and this will finish off the front deck, carport and front sidewalks. 

sidewalk forms in front.png
front forms in.png

After a few days of curing I will apply the sealer. Then I can measure up the trim around the front door. and put it into production. Final landscaping of this area will polish the entry off. Then we'll work our way around the back of the house to finish off those areas next. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan