Slow but steady

The MultiCam CNC router has been running for more than 60 hours straight and will for at least another two days to create the bulk of the remaining outside trim for the house. The ladies of our crew are busy painting up a storm, first with three base coats and then the four layers of glaze. As fast as the painting is done Peter is fastening the pieces into place. He's also spending time up o n the roof, finishing the painting and installing the trim on the upstairs dormers, the hardest task yet to finish. The front two are done save for final paint and the back two are well underway.

The back patio area is also progressing nicely. The uppoer painting is almost done and the trim only needs one more coat of glaze to finish it off. This and the front window need the mullion trim to finish them off. When the router is finished up the current tasks that work will begin.

patio wall.png

The front porch area is getting it's final glazes and is looking pretty fine. I still have a little routing to do for the front door trim but that will be underway within a few days. Inside tile work is contuinuing with the all of the last tile cut and fitted for the mud room. That leaves only the last few remaining tile in the mudroom bathroom and the front entry. I'll sure be glad to get off my knees. There was a LOT of tile in this house with a seemingly endless number of cuts. The good news is it looks fabulous done and the house is a breeze to keep clean with all tile floors.

The contractor signs have now been removed from the front lawn and have been freshened up and delivered to our contractors whoi did such a great job for us.

The house is looking better each day and feeling more like home as well.

-grampa dan