House full of trades

The trades people seem to come in bunches, making for a busy space. This morning the two finish carpenters were the first to arrive. Brent's first task was to install and trim out the five pocket doors.

brent with pocket door.png

Shortly after the counter top crew from Marr-Tech Kitchens arrived to install the quartz counter tops and sinks. They changed the house a LOT in a short time!

kitchen counter.png

Richard and his helper from Richard's Plumbing and heating also kept busy through the day.

richard leveling tank.png

The boiler, hot water tank, pumps and plumbing are all first class equipment installed with a great deal of pride and care. This photo shows the work done to date but there is lots more needed to finish off.

hot water plumbing.png

Meanwhile Matt keeps busy painting and other tasks. Here he paints the last of the corner blocks for inside the rooms.

matt painting blocks.png

There's other things also on the go...  I'll be reporting on those a little later.

-grampa dan