Hidden goodies

As we planned and built the new house we tried our best to think of everything we possibly could. We did a lot of research and enlisted the help of others who knew a lot more than us about these subjects. One of the things we wanted was a good audio/video system built right into the house. We enlisted the help of our friends at System 7 to make sure it was done right. They had some pretty cool ideas.

With the advent of modern technology the need to have unsightly components or even a media center by the feature wall of the living room is no longer necessary. We could easily hide them in a nearby closet. But to do so meant hundreds and hundreds of cable needed to be pulled while everything was still open. The wires and cables went from the electrical/mechanical room to the TV center to the speakers, jacks and to the media closet and other areas of the house. Every currently needed and future possibility was included, right up to empty conduits for inevitable developments which will come down the road.

The media closet will house a pull-out rack for all of the high tech components.

media closet.jpg

The living room wall will feature a large flat screen TV alone. The speakers are built into the wall and wainscoting.

sawatzky speaker wall.jpg

Behind the area for the loveseats (where we will sit) are plenty of electrical plugs for our devices and other needs plus four jacks for headphones - just in case we want to watch a good (LOUD) action movie or listen to some (LOUD) music without bothering everyone else in the house.

headphone jacks.jpg

All these goodies will of course be remotely controlled, along with many other functions of the house, from an iPad or smart phone. It can be done from the comfort of the recliners or wherever else we may be at the time.

We've come a long ways from the bulky high-fi set we had in years gone by.

I've been promise this new system will be easy to use... all programmed and set up before we move in.  :)

-grampa dan