We have doors!

Today was a busy day in the house. Brent Boughen and his son Jesse arrived to hang all the doors in the house. Like any masters of their craft the Boughen boys made it look almost effortless as they wrestled each heavy door into place and then carefully lined thngs up before fastening them into place. Each room instantly changed as they worked. Closets were defined and rooms were separated from hallways. Each room was suddenly complete.

brent putting in door.png
brent testing door.png

It was also a big day for our crew as they began the painting of the walls and ceilings in the house. Today was just primer and that job will continue for a week or so. Janis is very particular about how the paint goes on. No drips , streaks or roller marks are allowed. Matt has previous expereince as a house painter and his work was approved with flying colors. Amazingly, I am banned from painting in the house. I can't imagine why!  :)

Matt painting.png

Then, once the primer is done the color begins.

-grampa dan