Very busy, but with little to show

We are still very busy in the house these days. Lots is getting done but there is little to show. A freshly painted linen ceiling looks a lot like a primed white one. But Matt has been busy for days and days making sure the paint goes on perfectly. We are very pleased with the result! In a few more days the many colors on the walls will begin to go on and we'll have a LOT more to show you then.

matt painting ceiling.png

Today was also the day when the Steve the sound guy came to locate the built-in speakers in the living room. Lots of discussion ensued as we tried to imagine where they would sound and look the best. We checked and double checked the locations of the sound proofed boxes built into the walls. The last thing we wanted was to cut a hole in the wrong spot.

speakers located.png

With everything now figured out Steve will return tomorrow to do the final install.

-grampa dan