Open house

Today dawned bright, sunny and warm. It was the perfect day to have a tour through the new house. I brought out the big tape measure, a set of blueprints, some cans of paint, some stakes and some flagging tape, then set to work. I measured and sprayed, pounded in some stakes and measured some more. In less than an hour the basic outline of the house was evident. Then I called Janis outside and we did the tour. We started on the front porch, and it was deemed perfect. Then we went in the front door and toured through the house, looking out each window to check out the sight lines and admire the vistas. 

house layout.png

While we dreamed in 3D, lots of the local folks walked by. Word has spread a new house is coming to Yarrow and everyone is curious. They have no idea yet of what is really coming. It's going to be fun to show them one small piece at a time.

-grampa dan